Helping Real Estate Agents sell quicker, save time, and get their lives back!

0c406817a8987d273d28ca9811f3f42dYou walk through the door of your home, tired, have yet to eat dinner, need to shower, and just want to relax….but it’s already 10:00 at night. Your exhausted. You love what you do, but it’s strenuous, especially if your dedicated to your craft.

I get it. As a Real Estate Agent, you are at the mercy of your client. You build your calendar around those looking to buy or sell. Both have different requirements. For the buyer, it starts with defining needs and wants. But once that list is defined, the next step is to start seeing. Today, that means driving all around the Buffalo and WNY Region viewing houses that meet the criteria. Efficiency is key, so when you know all parties can be coordinated, you logically map out multiple viewings, and sacrifice your whole evening or day. It’s not an issue at first, it’s worth it if they find the perfect home quickly. But how many times does it turn into 10, 15, 25 or more viewings before you start feeling the strain on your family, personal life, and wallet. Read more