3D Virtual Tour helping Musicians and Producers come together!

When I started corresponding with Ken, he was interested in a 3D Virtual Tour, but had concerns of how many thousands of dollars it would cost him.  When he learned it was a reasonable price point (in the hundreds), we continued dialogue on the value for him and his business.

Ken’s situation is very different than many typical Americans.  He is one of the rare people that found what he is passionate about, and aspired to make it his way of living.  He took actions and began arranging for music to be his career.  This included making a significant investment in buying the studio he was at that time renting, and further investments for renovations.  In addition, to attain a professional quality sound, many investments for the equipment were required.  He made it his livelihood, and emphasized heavily in creating an atmosphere and setup for his clients to appreciate.  There is no shortage of professional quality equipment or comforting ambiance, and with 25 years’ experience as a Music Producer, he has the credentials to maximize the output.

Having worked with top name artists, such as Eminem, our goal was to show that a normal everyday looking house on the outside, was a paradise for a musician on the inside.  It’s warm and comfortable, has the equipment and setup to support musicians of all types and genres, and even provides comfort and leisure for friends and family to entertain themselves during sessions.  I am confident in saying that we have accomplished our goal.

This serves as another example of how a 3D Virtual Tour can impact a diverse set of businesses.  I don’t think many would consider a Recording studio in tandem with a 3D Virtual Tour, after all, people that are interested in the studio are so because of the musical aspects, right?  But a musician needs to feel comfortable.  Music is their sanctuary, and the ambience needs to align with the musician.  The versatility Ken has in being able to “organize” and setup accordingly is captured within this tour.  The passion exudes from Ken, and you can tell he genuinely loves what he does – I know he was excited to be able showcase the investments and sacrifices he made to extend himself to a larger audience so they can feel comfortable when they show up in person, because they have been there before and it proves that this technology transcends beyond Real Estate.

If you would like to learn more and understand how a 3D Virtual Tour could positively impact your business, please contact me at Real@VRealExperience.com

Here is the lank for the tour of Outer Limit Recording Studio: https://vrealexperience.com/3d-model/outer-limit-recording-studio/skinned/

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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